The Essential Guide to Webfests

Compared to film festivals, webfests — “film” festivals geared specifically toward web series (like Mission Backup Earth, pictured above) and other online videos — are definitely the new kids on the block, but they’re fast coming to fill the role for web video that names like Venice and Cannes did for film decades ago. And they’re springing up much faster — 10 of the thirteen events described below are premiering in 2013 or ’14 — making it appropriate to survey what’s out there, how filmmakers can get their content shown and who’s eligible.

The Georgia Tech School of Literature, Media, and Communication Technology is hosting the largest Webfest in the Southeast this October.

ATL WEBFEST is geared towards growing the digital film and video production industries.

The three day event will include screenings, workshops, panels, and keynote sessions featuring industry professionals who will discuss the latest trends in production, storytelling, business, and technology, as reported by

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